Windjammers (Neo Geo CD 1995)

This review marks a breakthrough for the website as in this is our first Neo Geo game review. This means that eventually we will have a “Top 10 Neo Geo games” list and a lot more co-op recommendations because the Neo Geo is essentially an arcade system and the AES and CD home consoles are all arcade games on home consoles.
So yeah i got myself a Neo Geo CD. It has long loading times, not all Neo Geo games were released on the system and most games suffer from the infinite credit syndrome. Still, no one can afford the AES games and for all the games that were not released on the Neo Geo CD and/or if i feel want to have a set number of credits in some games i get the game for the Wii Virtual Console.
Windjammers (Flying Power Disc) was released in 1995 and it is a head to head pong game in a fancy suit. Great fun and a great way to break into the Neo Geo library also because the game is set for release on the PS4 with online functionality.

Windjammers is basically a head to head frisbee game similar to pong. The goal is to throw the frisbee past your opponents and accumulate as many points as you can before the time runs out. Pretty simple right! That simplicity is what makes Windjammers so accessible to anyone. In addition the game is fast-paced and exciting in tight matches can be pretty exhilarating.
In Windjammers you pick 1 out of 8 characters who all differ in both strength and speed, the only stats in the game. Speed meaning your characters movement speed and strength meaning how hard they throw the frisbee. You can throw the frisbee in the walls or objects on the field to try and get some weird angles and throw off your opponent but the game punishes indecision an hesitation so you don’t have a lot of time to decide where to throw. This is because the power of your throw is partly decided by how fast you get rid of the frisbee and it insures a fun fast-paced battle. There are some super moves in the game unique to each character and a faint throw you can use to catch your opponent off guard for added variety.

All Characters and their stats. A pretty neat group of frisbee-ers

I love how this game looks, and just how Neo Geo games look in general. The sprites look excellent an in 1995 the Neo Geo was still showing us great looking 2d graphics while the industry was moving towards the now not so well aging early 3d graphics of the Saturn and PSOne. The characters look great, most probably inspired by Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Baywatch. Windjammers is just so wonderfully 90s.
Music and sound compliments the game well, its nothing to knock your socks off and the tunes are not that many but it is satisfactory.

Some supermove shit going on

Overall Windjammers is just a fast-paced action packed fun pick up for you and a pal looking for some short, healthy competition that is not Street Fighter or Mario Kart. The simple Pong like gameplay is easy enough for anyone to pick up and its level of intensity keeps it from going stale. The Neo Geo CD version is very good but unfortunately the game was delisted from the Wii Virtual Console. But fear not cause the game will be released on the PS4 with online compatibility so look forward to that!

Example gameplay for good measure.

Gameplay 8,5
Visuals 8,5
Music 7,5
Lasting appeal 8
Is it fun? 9

Overall 8,5 a very good game!

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