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Kid Icarus (NES 1986)

I haven’t talked about a NES game in a while. Honestly most games for the NES have gotten plenty of reviews by now making it perhaps redundant to even talk about now but I spent my Sunday playing a classic game from my childhood that I have never even been close to finishing. That game is Kid Icarus made by Nintendo in late 1986. There is a good reason for why I never came close to beating it, and that reason is that the game is very challenging. Kid Icarus is one of those “NES difficult” action-adventure games which also includes games such as Castlevania and Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, although it should probably be placed with the more forgiving titles in that category. See how my Sunday turned out! Continue reading Kid Icarus (NES 1986)

Little Samson (1992 NES)

Back to the good old NES! After a crazy session on the more obscure video game systems of the good old era we go back to the basics with a review for a NES game. The game itself though is a bit obscure, or at least a lot lesser known NES game compared to established franchises like Mega Man or Castlevania. This game is “Little Samson” which was released in 1992 by Taito. A big reason for its obscurity might be the fact that it was released very late in the NES lifespan and at a time where the Sega Mega and SNES had already started out their all out war.
The reason we are going back to the NES is that i got this 150 in 1 Chinese multicart on Ali Express with all sorts of hidden gems along with a bunch of the all time great titles(Look it up!). So look forward to reading about some lesser known NES goodies starting with Little Samson! Otherwise this game has become to me annoyingly known as THE hidden gem and its going for like 500$ on eBay which is ridiculous. Everyone mentions this game when in comes to hidden gems or as an example how NES collecting has become ridiculous so i just had to try it 🙂
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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES 1987)

In loving memory of our cousin Lára who introduced me to this game and with it, RPG games in general.

In 1987 Zelda II – The Adventure of Link came out as the second instalment in the popular legend of Zelda franchise. Now I must warn readers that I may be biased about this game since I played this game as a child and have spent many hours falling in love with the game but I also recognise it´s flaws so without further introduction lets dive into the meat of this review.

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