Review: Felix The Cat (NES 1992)

I have fond memories of this game. Well… Fond and frustrating when I think back to the time when my basement got broken into and all my NES games got stolen except for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1.
Later the poor kid had the audacity to come back for a second time to rob some more but my dad caught him and managed to get some of the games back. I say some because the kid had sold some of them already, and that included Felix The Cat on the NES.
So no, the frustration does not come from some “NES hard” bullcrap like Castlevania or some Ghosts’n Goblins shit.
Playing the game I only have fond memories and they stem from the many forms Felix can take on thanks to his magic bags, great graphics and from the fact that this is one of the few games I owned that I could actually beat!

Felix final
Up left: level 1 out of 3 in air stages – up mid: level 3 out of 4 car in ground stages – up right level 4 out of 4 tank in ground stages – bottom left: magician level 2 out of 4 ground stages – bottom mid: level 2 out of 2 floating water stages – bottom right: level 2 out of 3 turtle underwater stages

Felix The Cat immediately stands out for its fantastic cartoon graphics, and for being an extremely approachable platformer.
As Felix the Cat, you can enjoy some easy going platforming as well as the novelty of the many different forms Felix has, some of which are listed above. You collect “Felix heads” found all over the stages and for every 10th head you get a heart that acts like a mushroom in Super Mario Bros. By that, I mean that you get an extra hit point in addition to a new method of attacking. Getting new forms is fun enough by itself but the sprites are just phenomenally pleasing to look at. It still amazes me how many quality sprites Felix The Cat has.

hqdefault (1)

The controls are tight, the level design is easy and simple and the boss battles are a joke, so with all that being said, Felix The Cat is too easy, too forgiving and is way too generous with power-ups. If you know what you are doing then you will coast through the game in one sitting but at least you will have a great time while doing so and it takes a while since the game is pretty long and has many stages.


The music is pretty mediocre unfortunately, the first stage has a sweet tune and the sound effects are great but like I already hinted at the game shines in the graphics department being one of the better looking games on the NES. It might even get confused with an SNES game.
Overall Felix the Cat on the NES is a very pleasing platformer that perhaps could have used higher difficulty settings since you kind of just coast through it with little reason to play it again unless you really grow fond of it which might happen because the gameplay is super tight.
It was a downright shame that I never got the game back as a kid but at least the incident forced me to finally clear the infamous Turtles 1.

Gameplay 8
Visuals 9,5
Music 6,5
Lasting appeal 6,5
Has it aged well? 8,5

Overall 8 a very good game!

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