Review: Wulverblade (2017 Nintendo Switch)

Finally, we get a worthy co-op beat’ em up on a modern system! I knew I was going to play Wulverblade the moment I saw the first screenshots. As you might know by now us at Cousin Gaming are total suckers for beat ’em ups, in fact, this is probably our favorite video game genre.
The game is set in 150AD during the Roman invasion of Britain. You play as Celtic warriors who hail from north “Briton” or modern-day Scotland, who have a deep connection to the wood and wilderness, wolves especially if that wasn’t obvious enough already.
What’s more important though is that Wulverblade is a love letter to the old beat ’em ups such as Final Fight or perhaps Knights of the Round, and you can tell that a lot of love went into making this game. It looks and sounds fresh and the really did their history homework too. Check it out!

These guys (on the right) are helping the Romans, don’t know that the northerners(protagonist guys on the left side) are the strongest bastards in the land

When starting the game you have two options, playing a soft-core normal game with checkpoints and saves or the hardcore arcade style game where you only have 3 lives and 3 continues to get through the whole game. Both are really enjoyable for different reasons, we played a normal game for our initial run to get the game down and prepare for the real challenge of the arcade mode.
We sampled the game in normal mode, and it was really easy. You get 3 lives per stage and only twice did we lose those lives and return to a checkpoint so besides that we kinda just ran through the game, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time.

Some of the visuals are quite stunning

The three characters vary in gameplay in a subtle way. The bread and butter moves that will feel familiar from older beat ’em ups are there for all characters but all of them have one feature or move that makes them special. And speaking of special, there are two of them, one which calls upon your wolf friends who damage all bad guys on screen and the other one is rage move where you become invulnerable and gain attack speed so you can really do some damage.
Overall the controls feel fantastic and the game does not become boring because of great bosses, nice stage hazards and a big variety in moves and enemies and proper difficulty at least in the arcade mode. Maybe the developers should look into adding some difficulty settings .

Character select screen, the guy in the middle has most the power  but less speed and defense

Wulverblade looks fantastic. Character sprites and backgrounds look extremely sharp and well fleshed out. It is really refreshing to play a game like this with up to date graphics in crisp colorful HD.
To add to the experience the game has a very authentic sound to it. The background music is in tone with the theme of the game and blends in perfectly with the lore of the game which is expansive, well researched and historically accurate for all I know.
Otherwise I don’t remember any fantastic catchy tunes, but I might find some if I take the time to listen in between fights.

Here is some co-op gameplay (not us)

Wulverblade has an arena mode where you fight a gauntlet of enemies and a mystery mode that will most likely be released later. The only real downside I can find with Wulverblade are long loading times but otherwise it is just a great experience totally worth the 20$.
An absolute must pick up for the co-op beat ’em up fan.

Gameplay 9
Visuals 9
Music 8,5
Lasting appeal 8,5
Is it fun? 9

Overall 9 a great game!

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