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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Turbografx/PC Engine 1993)

This rare gem is the Castlevania made for the “PC Engine” console in Japan. The reason it is so uncommon is because it was released only in Japan and only for the PC Engine CD add-on which was expensive and not as popular as the SNES in Japan. A copy in good condition is being sold from around 160$, 110GDP or 150EUR. The PC Engine CD itself will then cost you about 350$.
You can burn that cash, or just buy it on the PSP/Wii virtual console 🙂
UPDATE: The game is available as a part of the Castlevania: Requiem on PS4 but beware of the input lag! It is not game breaking but certainly is noticeable. And the Wii VC is of course closed so only modded Wii’s can play it
Let’s see if it is worth the hassle!

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