Duck Tales 2 (1993 NES)

Bless me bagpipes!!! After the great success of Duck Tales for the NES, it only made sense to make a sequel. But this is the year 1993 we are talking about, the SNES had launched and had a great start so why not make Duck Tales 2 for the SNES?! Of course it would be cheaper to ride on the hard work already done when developing the first game but that is a shame since like most know the game is quite rare now a days most likely due to poor sales. Europeans were still playing a lot of NES compared to Americans at the time so I got a boxed PAL copy for like 80$.
Well, regardless of their reasons the game was made for the NES so it has to be at least as half as good as the original which can’t be bad!

You get a selection of 5 stages and then there is a secret stage unlocked when you find all treasure map pieces

Like in the original you can choose from 5 stages and the gameplay stays pretty much the same. I assume you are familiar with the first Duck Tales game(review link), and just like in the first Duck Tales game you delve into a mysterious location and to look for more treasure for Mr.McDuck’s and explore for more extras such as more money, bonus treasures and pieces of treasure map. You have your legendary pogo stick cane attack and golf swing but this time you can latch your cane into stuff and drag it around. It’s not really a huge addition if we only think about new controls but there are some new things to do such as the added incentive to explore everything to find the pieces of treasure map that unlocks the final stage and best ending. Maybe there is no need to change such a fantastic, successful control scheme.

Find Gyro and he will upgrade your cane so you can enter more places to get more treasure!

The stages themselves are similar in nature and are fairly interesting locations with the same beautiful graphics as the first game but somehow they fail to re-capture that charm. Perhaps it is because the music is not nearly as good this time around. Don’t get me wrong the music is fine, and it has its moment but it is not very memorable by any definition of the word. Perhaps it will get you to hum along a time or two.
The graphics are pretty much the same but I guess some of the sprites and environments are smoother around the edges but not by a large margin. There are a bunch of new fun enemies who look great and the backgrounds seem improved.

Use your cane to pull the cannon! The rest will feel very familiar

Despite the games being extremely similar; the controls, pogo stick attack and non-linear gameplay is just as masterful as it was the first time around and getting more of the same from Duck Tales 2 is very welcome.
This is a more robust game, with a bit more meat on its bones. You will have to find Gyro in three stages and find some 1000000$ bonus treasures and get a map piece in every stage to complete this one which is a bunch compared to the original where basically you just a few keys and then the boss.

You get to visit McDuck Castle in Scotland that has been taken over by an evil sorcerer(boss)

The bosses in Duck Tales 2 look cool but present little threat, and in all completing this game should not take you more than half a day. There are 3 difficulty modes and in the 2 higher ones you might need to start from the beginning once or twice if you get clumsy or unlucky. It’s not a big deal really
Still, Duck Tales 2’s appeal lies more in the exploration rather than troublesome fighting/platforming and most likely you will have a great time, I know I did, but I can’t help to think what if they had made a Duck Tales for the Super Nintento…

Gameplay 8
Visuals 8
Music 7
Lasting appeal 8
Has it aged well? 8,5

Overall 8 a very good game!

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