Mario 35th anniversary tier list

The tier-maker band wagon is something so tempting I must jump on! So easily digestible, so click-baity, so low effort… I love it!

Still I must offer some explanation to go along with this oh so controversial tier list…
Ok, so its not that controversial but still…

Let’s stop that “Super Mario Sunshine is so underrated” stink train right away. I guess people who grew up with the Gamecube as their first game console are learning how to use the internet.
Its a fine game but really it looks grainy, the FLUDD gets so old so fast and the summer resort theme is not that interesting…
The atmosphere of Mario Galaxy just makes the game more memorable than Galaxy 2 ever managed to be. The Galaxy 1 OST, the space station hub world and the superior pacing makes Super Mario Galaxy 1 the better of the 2.
Super Mario Land 2 is freaking underrated!
Super Mario Bros. 1 is just the godfather. How often have I played it through? Probably more often than any other game.
Mario All-Stars gets to be there for adding SNES graphics and saves to 2 of the best Mario games made. Special mention goes to Lost levels.
Super Mario 64 just remade the playing field. It has the sand-box that Galaxy lacks but doesn’t overdo it like Odyssey.
The “new” Super Mario Bros games just never were able to do it for me as top tier games.
Super Mario Maker is a legendary idea and should be like the last 2d Mario game ever needed to make, but sometimes its just more fun to play well designed stages rather than getting trolled by children…
Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES is my choice for best Mario game ever, I like the aesthetics over Mario World so probably 80%+ of my Mario Maker stages have the Mario 3 layer. The controls, physics, the worlds, bosses and overall game feel have always made me go to Mario 3 rather than Mario World. Its my list, go make your own if you don’t like it!

Congratulations on 35th years!!!

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