Castlevania: The New Generation/Bloodlines (Sega MD/Genesis 1994)

Sega finally gets some of that Castlevania action! This time set in the 1st world war. Two vampire hunters face the resurrection of Dracula in the absence of the Belmonts. John Morris who is the successor of the Vampire Killer whip of the Belmont clan and Eric Lecarde who wields the Alucard spear join hands in Castlevania’s first shot at a Sega console. Let’s see how they did!

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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Turbografx/PC Engine 1993)

This rare gem is the Castlevania made for the Turbografx 16 or “PC Engine” in Japan. The reason it is so rare is because it was released only in Japan and only for the PC Engine CD add-on which was expensive and not as popular as the SNES in Japan. A copy in good condition is being sold from around 160$, 110GDP or 150EUR. The PC Engine itself costs about the same. You can buy that,or buy it on the PSP/Wii virtual console 🙂
Let’s see if it is worth the hefty price tag.

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Metroid (NES 1986) Review + Rambling about Super Metroid

The first Metroid game is widely known as a great game and a start of a legendary series, i played it a few times as a kid, didn’t get very far and kind of just brushed it off as a difficult, cryptic game. This time i started playing it with the determination of finishing it, and that is what i did. Let’s see how it went and see if you should play it too! We also look at Super Metroid, another legendary game that you should maybe play before the original game.
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Bionic Commando (NES 1988)

What is the deal with that cover?! Haha ,well sometimes NES covers were not so cool or well thought out but Capcom had a score of great games on the NES even though the covers of their games left much to be desired. I never owned Bionic Commando as a kid but i knew of it and borrowed it a few times i remember it well but i was never even close to finishing it. Now that i am a grown up i can buy the games i want! Well,i got a copy of a PAL Bionic Commando and played it through. Let’s find out how it holds up 27 years later.

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Wild Guns (SNES 1994)

The wild west…and robots! Genius idea. This gallery shooter from Natsume reeled me right in with it’s concept and the four selling points on the cover. This game is “The first Sci/Fi Western” ,awesome, an “Intense shoot’em up action” , pretty awesome, it has “True arcade feel!”  awesomer! And is”2 player simultaneous” Awesomest!
Let’s see if the game lives up to the extreme expectations set by the cover.

UPDATE! It’s worth looking into the PS4 remastered edition! Wild Guna Reloaded. It’s a bit expensive but it has an online leaderboard 2 more characters and 2 more stages! The 2 new stages are only available in single player and the multiplayer has no continues so it can get pretty brutal and boring playing the 1st stage over and over again. This remake is a bit disappointing if you wanted to play the new stages in co-op.

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